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WSPR in the park at lunchtime

Inspired by Wade (VK1MIC) and Andrew’s (VK1AD) blog posts, I have decided to revive my old VK1ZDJ blog here and start posting what I hope are interesting articles.   At the very worst, it allows me an environment where…

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My First SOTA Activation – Tuggeranong Hill VK1/AC-038

Having attended the AGM for the local Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club, I discovered that a group of SOTA enthusiasts were planning on activating a number of hills in the Canberra region on 01Mar2018 at 0800UTC.  This seemed…

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An interesting portable NVIS antenna

I have been researching NVIS antennas and have encountered a few interesting military versions. The AS-2259 is one example which uses a 3m mast and set of two offset fed dipoles (7.56 m and 11.22 m)  The dipoles…

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