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An 80188 based SBC

Last night I completed my 80188 based SBC-188 build. It is a ECB board designed by John Coffman in the Retrocomputers forum that provides an Intel 80188 coupled with 1Mb of RAM and 128k of ROM. It also…

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Dracblade – A Propeller based Z80 CP/M board

A couple of years ago, a fellow named Dr. Acula designed a neat little Parallax Propeller based board that implemented a full CP/M system providing a Z80 with dual serial, 512k Ram, VGA, PS/2 Keyboard, and SD storage….

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A Z180 based SBC

I recently decided to finish my Z180 based Single Board computer. It is a board named the “N8” designed in about 2012 as part of the then expanding N8VEM series of projects. It was neat because it promised…

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