This is the technical blog of Doug jackson – VK1ZDJ.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator in Australia.

I love designing small microcontroller projects using either PIC micros, or AtMega chips.

You will find many of my projects published at instructables.com, under userid drj113



  1. I think this is pretty cool. I’m living in dallas, texas and have just found out about the arduino and all the other posibilities there are out there. Plus I have a sprinkler controller that I can only understand from time to time. This will be my first project. Thanks, KD

  2. Hi Doug,
    Saw your comment about shoehorning code, done the same, got 6200 lines of code (arduino IDE) in my sprinkling system , has menus etc, you probably already are using the F macro for strings, but i found it invaluable to get it to fit in a mega.

    By the way am also part of the S100computer scene, put me down for 10 TIL311’s please… Will advise of address/payment etc, if this is do-able.
    regards Chris VK4TCS

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