SOTA Equipment

I’m relatively new to the whole SOTA hobby, so I am still learning as I go.

My main portable gear is based on the following;

  • FT817 – A beautiful 5W radio for HF, 15, 144 and 430 Mhz bands.
  • McHF – A fully featured SDR for the HF bands – about 10W output.
  • A small Windom antenna – Neat, offset feed useful for HF.
  • Buddipole, including a tripod mount and a 7m mast – It all packs up into very little space.
  • A Homemade 12000mAh LiPo battery pack.
  • Acer Aspire One notebook for Digital modes.
  • Various Anderson connectors and cables for DC.
  • RG58 for the antenna runs.
  • 60 Watt Solar charger to keep the battery going.

All packaged into a comfortable backpack.  including Lunch and water for my travels.


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