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A Universal RFID key

RFID projects have been pretty prominent recently, ranging from projects here in Instructables, to our local Silicon Chip magazine in Australia publishing a RFID door lock project in their November issue. Even I recently purchased a RFID door lock on eBay for $15 to lock my garage (so my front neighbor could get tools if he wanted to).

We have known that the cheaper RFID technologies were pretty insecure for a number of years. Researchers have demonstrated cloners of all varieties, but simple RFID tags are still being used for access control. Even my current employer uses them.

A while ago, I was looking at Hack A Day, and I saw an amazing project that somebody had made. It was an RFID card with a keypad on it. For the next couple of days, I couldn’t get the image of the card out of my mind; the project reminded me of how much I wanted to build a RFID spoofer myself. The original author didn’t release source code for their project, but they left enough clues that I could follow.

So, in typical fashion, I built my own reader hardware so I could have a look at the data from a card, and created my own version of the Universal RFID key.

The key I made works beautifully both on my garage door, as well as on a number of other readers I tried.

I have decided to publish this, as more people should be aware of the design flaws that are inherent in older RFID implementations, and to allow others to make their own universal key.

Will this key let you into anybodies RFID protected office? Yes it will, assuming a couple of things are true

1) The have to be using 125Khz RFID tags that use the same encoding standard as I have designed this project for, and,
2) You have to have access to the number printed on the back of the tag – with that number, you can simply key it into the Universal RFID key, and it will emulate that tag.

So there you go – I hope you enjoy making this project. – And remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

Here is a link to the full Instructables project – Alternately – the relevant source code is available HERE.

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